Elena Martorella

Elena Martorella

Yoga Teacher and “Art of Touch®” Masseuse

Elena is a professional yoga teacher and a certified “Art of Touch®” Masseuse with more than 20 years experience. With a deep respect for nature — and for every living being — she love to live in the simplest and most respectful way for the Earth.

The passion for the work she does led her to travel and satisfy her desire for knowledge and new life experiences.

From an early age she began to familiarize herself with energy techniques that promote the well-being of the person and stimulate the natural process of ” self-healing ” such as the Paris Energy Method and Reiki. The transition to India led her to learn more about Ayurveda and Yoga , ancient life philosophy, where she began to learn the art of massage and healing treatments.

The guidelines follow of Yoga are those of the tradition of Hatha Yoga learned precisely in India and from the western training given by the Turin school at the ISYCO Institute for the Study of Yoga and Oriental Culture .

Since then, thanks to curiosity and the continuous desire for personal growth, she has continued taking care of the health and well-being of the psyche of the body and soul … She has attended the basic training of the ” Arts of Touch” massage in Italy where the hands, they listen, talk through the heart and communicate

Services Provided

Respect, Acceptance, Love .

It is a massage that has properties to re-balance, harmonize, relax and stimulate the self-healing forces of the body of the mind and spirit.

Elena Martorella

To broaden my knowledge she attended courses in Alchemic Massage techniques ; Ethos Pathos Logos , where astrological symbols are used which are drawn on the skin in correspondence with precise points that help to redefine the frequencies at the basis of our psycho-corporeal balance .

The union between man and nature , the discovery of harmony between body, mind and spirit .

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