Sustainable Development

What We Mean with

300% Green Philosophy

From the tops of our green roofs to the fields of our local food-providers, we want you to know just how seriously we take environmental policies and initiatives to make sure you can enjoy the luxury of our experience without having to check your values at the door.

100% Commitment to conserving and protecting our natural environment and unique culture.

100% Commitment to using typical produce, local ingredients at “0,00 km” services and sustainable products, help us dramatically reduce consumption, recycling and composting our waste.

100% Commitment to promoting and offering eco-friendly transport for experiences inside and outside the local area.

Our Numbers by

Daily Green Practices & Eco Initiatives


Plastic Bottles saved from landfill and sea

(Total since 2019)


Years wide composing, recycling and using compostable take-out containers

And green Audits by…


NON-TOXIC cleaners in House

The only one that remain are the ones required by law!


Staff commute to work in a sustainable way

by foot, bicycle or public transport (and soon using electric vehicles 🙂


Annual Shares Supporting community shared Agricolture

(Total since 2009)


Locally sourced In-Room Amenities

(Total since 2019)


Green Roofs installed in 2002

Helping to cool down the globe


Landmark Building restored, reimagined and protected through Historic Designation

Our Studies indicate that 20-35% of all landfill waste is building waste, and construction accounts for 50% of all the natural resources humans consume.

Discover Our Green Practices

We support a business model based on environmental, social and economic sustainability.

We respect fundamental human rights, protecting the environment and safeguarding natural resources are the basic principles of our concept of sustainability to which even the companies we work with are called to participate and thus achieve sustainable development of our business model.

The attention of our management to the social and environmental impacts in business management and the integration with the economic and social issues of the territory are necessary choices to ensure the survival and long-term development of the business.

Our Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development goals are practices in our company policies. They “listen” to the future and give concrete answers, creating shared value, managing to meet social and environmental needs in the context in which we operate.

We respond to new needs, including considering our business model also the environmental and social aspects of our work in a new vision of the way of doing business.

Accounting for our actions, results, not only economic ones, but developing positive, constructive and permanent relationships with social partners – is an inevitable commitment for us.

We recognize and follow the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (Ruggie Principles)

Initiatives We Are Proud To Support